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Design & Artwork


If you just need design and artwork, we are happy to help. Our service can lift your advertising dollar to a higher level of value.


If you are going to spend money on press ads, at least spend a few more dollars on a good design. Don't just leave it to the publication to come up with something for free. Remember you will get what you pay for.


Social Marketing

"Social Marketing" has a place in getting information out to potential clients. At Cabra Print we are a - me to you, based company and have found this is not only the most effective way of presenting a business, it is now VERY attactive to clients as they are feeling isolated from true service for dollars spent.


Anyone can click, but will you receive what you thought you asked for?​ If you have a real person in front of you there is no doubt that can not be addressed.

If you need a SocialMarketing manager you can talk with us and we can take care of your needs.




When we produce printed materials for you, rest assured your work is being produced by fully trade qualified crafts people, (No pretenders here).

We are the only Highlands based Design and Print company owned and operated by an Industry Gold Medal winning tradesman.

Using a mixture of Offset and Digital to meet the exacting needs of the job to hand.

We can print everything you will need or imagine in runs large or small.


International standard print quality and ICC colour controls at every stage.

Whether it be a Business Card (very important) or a Multi page Full colour Brochure, we can produce them all. 

We could list dozens of printed items and bore you to death, but let's just say we are not limited in any way to things we can produce for you! We certainly do not lack imagination either if you need our help in that department.

Give us a call - you will be very glad you did!

Branding & Identity

Here at Cabra Print Pty Ltd we have created Branding and Corporate ID Style Guides for our clients with wonderful outcomes. Best of all, they have received their Style Guides at a fraction of the cost charged by large agencies, simply because they received good advice on how to present their elements at the beginning.



If you have your own content already done and would like it updated, or if you would like a second opinion, we are happy to help.​ Send it through or drop in to our Studio and we can talk through it with you and offer an alternative solution if that is the required situation.


Click to add a file to an email direct to our artroom.